The Reconnection® in France, ok, but : it reconnects you to what?

What is the Reconnection

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The Reconnection® is a once in a lifetime experience, and can be
..... a life changer.

The Reconnection is a reconnection to our Knowingness and a Connectedness.

A personal Reconnection is an adaptation of process that works to connect your energy system, your energy body (i.e. your meridians) to the energy system external to you. In essence you are reconnected to the fullness of the Universe. It is a once in a lifetime process. The experience can be beyond that of the healing sessions, and its effects can be life changing.

Many report the following shifts and experiences attributed to The Reconnection :

  • Personal Evolution, acces your full potential
  • Life acceleration or optimisation
  • Activate your unique potential in this world
  • Clarity, sense of ease and groundedness, knowingness

The Reconnection process requires 2 consecutive sessions in two consecutive days. The sessions are up to one hour. You will only have one Reconnection in your lifetime; once you are Reconnected, you cannot become Disconnected.

Although not required it is found that 1-3 Reconnective Healing Session can be very helpful prior to a Reconnection;

I specialize in The Reconnection for individuals and couples. Reconnect on the same day and share the experience!

Article : an interview with Eric Pearl about his Reconnection


The most beautiful thing to become, is one's self. . .