The Reconnective Healing at distance®, an energy without limits

Sessions at distance

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Reconnective Healing® is not bothered by

..... distance. Even long-distance. Energy doesn't follow our laws of matter. It has its own ways of being. It is free to be when and where it is supposed to be. I did distant healings from Burgundy to Paris, Holland, Belgium... but also to Pakistan, Cote d'Ivoire. Amazing. Doesn't make any difference.

Distant Reconnective Healing® takes place the same way as Reconnective healing® "sur place". The only difference is that you don't have to travel (which can be nice to, if you like travelling). No, you can stay home confortably streched out on a sofa or bed, in a room where you can be alone for the duration of the session. You drink a nice glass of water (not too cold!) before you lay down, and when the session starts you simply close your eyes, relax and observe the sensations you are having.

After the session, you rest for as long as you like, drink another glass of (not to cold..) water and send me an email to tell me what has happened.

A session takes half an hour. For the rates please see page "contact & rates"

The only thing limiting us is our imagination