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Where, What And How Much ?

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    RATES :

      • The Reconnective Healing® costs 50 euros for one session. Three sessions is usually recommanded. If you feel there's still a development in your wellbeing you can add one or two sessions
      • The Reconnection® is always 333 (in Europe it's euros, in the United States it is dollars etc), both sessions included. The exchange in the number 333 is, and always will be, integral to the process of the Reconnection.


    • Feel welcome to come and have a Reconnection Holiday in Burgundy, France. Alone, with your partner or family, or in group... Between sessions you can enjoy the Burgundy life, the landscape, the lakes, hiking the forests, and visiting spiritual places like Vezelay, the Abbey of La Pierre-qui-Vire, or the cathedral of Autun. Please ask us for the possibilities.


    I live in Lormes, the regional Parc the Morvan) in the lovely green countryside in Burgundy, where the sessions take place. (see google maps). If you come from far, you could make it a holiday. We have an appartment where you can stay, There is also a hotel, and beautiful gites in Lormes.

    If you have any questions, please contact me by mail :

    If you are looking to be reconnected, I'll be happy to meet you

    Myriam Burg
    practitioner level I, II and III
    00 33 3 86 22 84 97

    WHO IS....

    ..... Myriam Burg

    I'm Dutch and live in Burgundy, France since 2002, with my husband Jan. The kindness from the locals, as well as the quiet and the beauty of the unspoiled nature has won our hearts so the choice of leaving the centre of Amsterdam was not to hard.

    Since I'm not a native French speaker, I've searched, and found, ways to help other's without having to rely to much on language. This search has lead me on the beautiful path of energy healing, where I've discovered that we are the most powerful when we don't use words, but let our heart speak. It has become a real passion for me.

    I invite you to come and share this passion with me!.

    My Formations:

    • Humain Science, Free University, Amsterdam
    • "Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde", The teachings of Vitamines and Linerales, Utrecht
    • Hypnotherapie Classical Erickson, Neo Classical and Modern, Amsterdam
    • NEI, Neuro Emotional Integration, Amsterdam
    • Bach Flowers, Vézelay
    • Ayurvedique Massages : Abhyanga et Bol Kansu, St-Hilaire-en-Morvan
    • Nambudripad's Allergy Eliminiation Technique: NAET Basic, and NAET Advanced, Amersfoort, Almere
    • Quantum Touch Allergy, Egmond-aan-Zee
    • Reiki Master, the Morvan
    • Quantum Touch Instructor level 1 & 2
    • Quantum Touch, Advanced (Richard Gordon) and Supercharging (Mervin Foster), Paris et Baarn (Pays-Bas)
    • Reconnective Healing (level l & ll) and the Reconnexion (level lll), Paris and Amsterdam
    • Quantum Entrainment, Frank Kinslow, Luzerne


"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" .....