The Reconnective Healing® in France : How Does It Work?

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Reconnective Healing® work is very suitable for

..... every being, every age, in every condition ... new born, not yet born, adults, children, old persons, very fragile old persons, the mentally not well, or in a coma.... Even animals and plants can benefit from it.

I like to think of the Reconnective Healing® as a sister of the Reconnection®. She comes from the same offspring, but has another job. During a healing session with the Reconnective Healing® the same powerful energy is present. But it doesn't connect you on a permanent base to the univers, and your original blueprint, to help you on a daily base in your spiritual evolving.

It is more like half an hour (three times maximum) in which your system is being reset with this energy, light and information. This "resetting" of your system, or field, can affect your system in all ways (physical, spiritual, emotional) and give a boost to your healing capacity.

It has been reported to heal any disease that you can possible imagen. I witnessed this from up close, so I know it to be true.


There is a but. There are no garanties. During a session the healer transmits the Reconnective Energy to you. What happens next is between you and the universe. The practitioner has no saying whatsoever. Every person is different. Every session is different. The best attitude is to be curious and see what the univers has in store for you.

It is possible that the healing doesn't take place in a physical way, but in another field of your existence. But then again, it might. It may be at once, or it may be a long and profound proces, which takes place so slowly and gradually that you even forgot about the sessions ! It's amazing how fast you forget your old worries, once you've returned to a healthy state.


If you'd like to now more about the Reconnection and the Reconnective Healing,
read the book of Dr. Eric Pearl: "The Reconnection, heal yourself, heal others."


A Reconnective Healing® takes place in 1 - 3 sessions max. The practitioner does not diagnose, and doesn't have to know what's going on in your life.
A session takes about half an hour. To know the fee, click here


Wonders are not in contradiction with the laws of nature, but only with what we know about these laws .... AUGUSTINUS